Resection of the Head and Neck of the Femur with and without Angulation Osteotomy: A FOLLOW-UP STUDY OF THIRTY-EIGHT PATIENTS

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Thirty-eight patients who underwent resection of the head and neck of the femur were followed for from six months to ten years. The primary indications for the operation were relief of pain and control of infection. In eleven of the twelve patients who were operated on for infection, the infection eventually healed; thirty-two (84 per cent) of the patients obtained significant and lasting pain relief. The average postoperative hip rating on the Iowa hip rating scale was 70, compared with the average preoperative rating of 35. One-half of the patients were able to walk with a cane; 81 per cent expressed satisfaction with their functional result. Angulation osteotomy enhanced the functional results of the operation in five patients, the procedure is technically simple and gives predictable results.

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