Evaluation of Pediatric Pain Medications

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Pain management in burned children is complex and depends on the child's ability to express his pain as well as the attitude and knowledge of physicians and nurses in the administration of analgesics to children. A retrospective study of 85 records of children through age 12 was undertaken to compare the amount of medication ordered per kilogram of body weight per age group; the frequency with which medications were given per age group; the amount of pain medication per weight ordered with standard recommended dosages for children; and the drugs most frequently chosen per age group. The results showed that older children received more pain medication per weight than younger children (P<0.01); that older children were medicated more frequently than younger children (P<0.005); that ordered doses of analgesic medications were comparable to recommended doses 69% of the time; and that acetaminophen with codeine sulfate, meperidine HCl, and morphine sulfate were most frequently used during the first five days of treatment.

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