Use of Percutaneous Estrogen Gel for Induction of Puberty in Girls with Turner Syndrome

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The aim of pubertal induction by estrogen in hypogonadic girls is to achieve physical and psychological development similar to that in natural puberty. We investigated the use of percutaneous estradiol gel for induction of puberty in girls with Turner syndrome (TS).

Twenty-three girls with TS and hypogonadism were included in the study. The initial percutaneous dose of 0.1 mg ended as 1.5 mg in the fifth year. The efficacy of the treatment was monitored by measuring height, weight, skeletal age, pubertal status, and serum hormone levels and gynecological ultrasonographic examinations throughout the study. Mean serum estradiol concentrations increased from 22.2 pmol/liter at baseline to 162.2 pmol/liter, and mean FSH levels decreased from 77.4 IU/liter at baseline to 19.2 IU/liter after 5 yr. There were no significant differences between GH users and nonusers with regard to height sd score, weight sd score, bone age acceleration, or adult height. The development of secondary sexual characteristics and uterine growth progressed gradually during the study. All girls reached at least stage B4P4. With percutaneous estradiol gel, the development of secondary sexual characteristics and uterine growth proceeded gradually, mimicking natural puberty. Estradiol gel was safe, easy to use, and well accepted by the subjects and provides an excellent way to individualize pubertal induction.

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