Intracranial Meningiomas: Correlation Between MR Imaging and Histology in Fifty Patients

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The magnetic resonance (MR) findings in 50 surgically verified intracranial meningiomas were reviewed. An attempt was made to correlate their signal intensity on spin echo (SE) TI-weighted, proton density [N(H)], and T2-weighted images with the different histologic subtypes. The Tl-weighted images were nonspecific in differentiating the subtypes of meningiomas. On proton density and T2-weighted images, more information was available, but there remained large group (46%) of meningiomas that were not classifiable. The average signal intensity scores on Tl-weighted, proton density, and Tl-weighted images in the different histologic subtypes were correlated with each other using the Student t test. Only one significant correlation (psammoma-tous-anaplastic) and three almost significant correlations (syncytial-transitional or psammomatous and transitional-psammomatous) were found. Different histologic subtypes may have a different MR appearance, but this does not suffice to reach a histologic diagnosis by MR imaging.

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