CT and MR Appearances of Parotid Pseudotumors is Sjögren Syndrome

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The radiologic findings in eight patients with parotid pseudotumors associated with Sjogren syndrome (CT in eight; MRI in two) were retrospectively analyzed and compared with the findings in three cases with malignant lymphomas. Diagnosis of pseudotumor was obtained by surgery in six cases and by fine-needle aspiration biopsy and radiologic follow-up in the remaining cases. Six cases (75%) had advanced disease and the remaining had early disease. Both solid (75%) and cystic (38%) masses were seen in the patients with pseudotumors. The masses were solitary in 25%, multiple in 75%, unilateral in 25%, and bilateral in 75%. All three lymphomas were solid masses. The lymphomatous masses were not reliably distinguished from the solid pseudotumors.

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