MRI of Subperiosteal Hematoma of the Orbit

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The MR findings of two cases of subperiosteal hematoma of the orbit are described.

Materials and Methods

We present two cases of subperiosteal hematoma of the orbit following minor head trauma, the first presenting with chronic progressive exophthalmos and the second with acute proptosis.


Both cases showed a well-defined biconvex mass with a curvilinear hypointense band in the superior portion of the orbit. In Case 1 chronic hematoma demonstrated high signal on both T1− and T2-weighted imaging, and in Case 2 acute hematoma displayed intermediate signal on T1-weighted imaging and high signal on T2-weighted imaging. Follow-up MRI in Case 2 demonstrated the typical signal changes from acute to subacute hematoma.


Subperiosteal hematoma has a characteristic appearance on MRI which is virtually diagnostic. In proper clinical settings MRI is the modality of choice for the detection and characterization of this hematoma.

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