Evaluation of Cerebral Perfusion Parameters Measured by Perfusion CT in Chronic Cerebral Ischemia: Comparison With Xenon CT

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PurposeThe purpose of this work was to evaluate the usefulness of perfusion CT in the evaluation of patients with chronic cerebral ischemia by comparing it with xenon CT (Xe-CT).MethodCerebral blood flow (CBF) of perfusion CT (CBFper) and time to peak (TTP) were compared with the CBF of Xe-CT (CBFxe) in 18 patients. Cerebral blood volume (CBV) was compared with cerebral vascular reserve (CVR) in 10 of 18 patients who underwent pre- and postacetazolamide Xe-CT.ResultsCBFper and TTP demonstrated a high correlation with CBFxe in relative values by side-to-side comparisons (r = 0.743, p < 0.0001 and r = −0.760, p < 0.0001, respectively). There was a negative correlation between relative CBV and relative CVR (r = −0.637, p = 0.0025). Visually, territories with delayed TTP corresponded well to those of decreased CBFxe, but these territories tended to be larger in TTP maps.ConclusionPerfusion CT is a useful tool to evaluate chronic hemodynamic disturbance and can be an alternative method for those using acetazolamide challenge.

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