Pemphigoid vegetans: a case report and review of the literature

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Pemphigoid vegetans is an exceptionally rare intertriginous variant of bullous pemphigoid characterized by vegetative and purulent lesions present in the groin, axillae, thighs, hands, eyelids and perioral regions. The clinical, histopathological and immunofluorescent profile of a new case of pemphigoid vegetans in a 79-year-old man is reported. Our patient had papillomatous plaques with pustules in the bilateral inguinal folds, which clinically resembled pemphigus vegetans. Also suggesting pemphigus vegetans, an initial skin biopsy showed eosinophilic spongiosis, while a second biopsy showed histological and immunological features diagnostic of pemphigoid. Because only a few cases of pemphigoid vegetans have been reported in the literature, clinical and morphological data are scant. Most reported cases were successfully treated with topical antibiotics or steroids; therefore, appropriate diagnosis of this rare lesion will assist management.

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