Fluvoxamine in the Treatment of the Older Depressed Patient; Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Data

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Fluvoxamine was given in placebo-controlled trials to 33 severely depressed patients of between 60 and 71 years, 29 received imipramine and 14 placebo.At week 4 of treatment fluvoxamine and imipramine were superior to placebo on the HAMD and CGI scales (P<0.05). There was indication of an earlier onset of antidepressant activity in the fluvoxamine group.There was no evidence of systematic changes in laboratory variables in any treatment group. Fluvoxamine and placebo had similar effects on heart rate and blood pressure. Imipramine was associated with significant postural falls in mean systolic pressure.The most frequent unwanted symptom with fluvoxamine was mild nausea, with imipramine, dry mouth. Toxic confusion was the major reason for dropout in the imipramine (n = 4) and nausea (n = 3) in the fluvoxamine-treated group.

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