The Personality Organization Diagnostic Form: Development of a Revised Version

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The purpose of this study is to examine the interrater reliability, validity, and internal consistency of a revised version of the Personality Organization Diagnostic Form (PODF; Diguer et al., 2001), a measure that evaluates the major dimensions of Kernberg's model of Personality Organizations (PO). Results show that the revised PODF can be scored with an interrater reliability ranging from good to excellent for the personality dimensions and the global PO (GPO) score. Factor analysis shows that items tend to regroup according to Kernberg's model. The optimal solution includes 2 factors: a borderline-neurotic continuum and a psychotic factor. Internal consistency and convergence with clinical evaluations also indicate moderate to good validity. Convergent validity with mental health and psychiatric severity is good, and in accordance with Kernberg's model. The revised PODF therefore appears to possess sound psychometric properties, with numerous advantages over its predecessor. Its utility for clinical and research work is also discussed.

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