Predicting Registered Nurse Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave

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BackgroundNurse job dissatisfaction has been the primary predictor of intent to leave; however, although many predictors of job satisfaction have been identified, little is known about the influence of variable nurse attitudes, such as psychological empowerment and hardiness, on job satisfaction.ObjectiveThe purpose of this study was to investigate the relative influence of nurse attitudes, context of care, and structure of care on job satisfaction and intent to leave.MethodsA nonexperimental, predictive design evaluated these relationships in a nonrandom sample of 90 registered staff nurses using instruments with known psychometric properties.ResultsThe major predictor of intent to leave was job dissatisfaction, and the major predictor of job satisfaction was psychological empowerment. Predictors of psychological empowerment were hardiness, transformational leadership style, nurse/physician collaboration, and group cohesion.ConclusionsResults supported the influence of nurse attitude on job satisfaction relative to other contributing factors.

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