Comparison of Healing Process in Open Osteotomy Model and Closed Fracture Model

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Comparison of the healing process in open osteotomy and closed fracture models that were used to study fracture healing.


Randomized, prospective study in experimental animals, with a recovery duration of two and four weeks.


Unrestricted cage activity with weight bearing as tolerated.


Thirty-four skeletally mature, female New Zealand White rabbits.


Closed fractures and open osteotomies of the tibial diaphysis were reduced and immobilized with four-pin, double-bar external fixators.

Main Outcome Measurements:

Callus circumference was measured with a tape measure, bridging callus was assessed on biplane radiographs and evaluated histologically, and torsional stiffness and maximum torque were measured.


Periosteum damage was more severe and hematoma formation was smaller in the osteotomy model, resulting in a delay in biological healing and restoration of the biomechanical properties.


Investigators should consider the difference between the closed fracture and open osteotomy models when selecting an animal model to investigate fracture healing.

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