A Prospective Study Comparing Oral Sodium Phosphate Solution to a Bowel Cleansing Preparation with Nutrition Food Package in Children

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Objective:The inability of children to comply with bowel preparation regimens can result in inadequate visualization of the colon. This study compares the safety, efficacy, and patient acceptance of a prepackaged diet kit plus a magnesium citrate/bisacodyl bowel cleansing regimen with a clear liquid diet and sodium phosphate solution regimen in children undergoing colonoscopy.Methods:Children scheduled for a diagnostic colonoscopy, were randomly assigned to receive a prepackaged diet kit and a magnesium citrate/bisacodyl laxative (group 1), or clear liquids and sodium phosphate solution (group 2). The patients and their parents completed a questionnaire to evaluate acceptance of their assigned regimen before colonoscopy. The endoscopists, blinded to the type of bowel preparation, rated bowel cleansing.Results:Sixty two children (28 males, 34 females) with mean age 12.5 years participated. Thirty six and 26 patients were in groups 1 and 2 respectively. Overall cleansing was rated significantly superior in group 1 compared to group 2 as was amount of retained feces (P = .013 for both). The overall frequency of reported side-effects was lower in group 1 than (83.3%, 30/36) than in group 2 (100.0%, 26/26) (P = 0.03). The preparations were otherwise equivalent in regards to compliance and patient tolerance.Conclusions:Although both regimens were comparable in adequacy of colon visualization, preparation tolerance, side effects and compliance profile in this pilot study, the prepackaged diet kit with magnesium citrate/bisacodyl laxative resulted in superior colon cleansing.

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