The Predictive Validity of the Pediatric Trauma Score

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The Pediatric Trauma Score was evaluated in 450 injured children by a paramedic in the field and a physician in an E.D. There was agreement between the scores of these two individuals 93.6% of the time, correlation coefficient 0.991, r2 = 0.982. Further testing at the 0.01 level of significance indicated that a positive association existed between these two variables in the population from which our sample was drawn.Mortality for the group was 2.9%. No deaths occurred in patients whose PTS was >8, which was defined as the Critical Triage Point. The sensitivity of the PTS when used for triage at the critical triage point was 95.8%. The specificity of the PTS was 98.6%.The Pediatric Trauma Score appears to be highly accurate, reliable, predictable, and easy to use for assessing the severity of injury and hence is a straightforward modality for triage of injured children.

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