A Computer-Based Monitoring System for Follow-Up of Elevated Blood Pressure

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An automated surveillance system utilizing a computer-based medical record system (COSTAR) was designed to improve the follow-up of patients with newly identified elevated diastolic blood pressure. A population of patients was selected where, in the 6-month period following the initial measurement of an elevated diastolic blood pressure, there were fewer than two visits during which blood pressure was recorded. In a randomized controlled clinical trial, this poor follow-up population was divided into two groups, with computer-generated reminders being automatically generated for only patients in the experimental group. Follow-up was significantly improved in the group receiving the reminders, both in terms of rate of follow-up attempted or achieved by the responsible physician and in the repeated recording of blood pressure. We conclude that a computer-based reminder system improves follow-up of newly discovered elevation in diastolic blood pressure.

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