Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI): A Collaboration Between Research and Clinical Practice

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This article provides an overview of the Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI), an ambitious attempt to develop a data-driven national quality-improvement program for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) that is fully integrated within VHA's Strategic Framework for Quality Management, as discussed elsewhere in this supplement. QUERI is designed to ensure the systematic translation of findings and products (quality tools that promote use of research findings) to promote optimal patient outcomes and system-wide improvements. In developing QUERI, a framework was created to integrate structural elements (organizational characteristics) and process considerations (those actions and action sequences associated with positive change) with outcomes (both at the patient level and at the systems level). In developing this framework, a process for translation of evidence into action was born. The QUERI process depends on having or discovering accurate information about what services are needed, who needs them, how they should be provided, and relevant outcomes and costs. This article describes the 6-step QUERI process and presents an overview of relevant programmatic details, including QUERI's rigorous review process, and VHA's unique qualifications for establishing a national model for quality improvement.

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