Oxidation of corn starch, glucose, and fructose ingested before exercise

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The purpose of this study was to compare the metabolic and endocrine responses, and the amounts of exogenous carbohydrate oxidized, during prolonged moderate cycle ergometer exercise (120 min, 60% VO2max), preceded by ingestion of I3C enriched glucose (G), fructose (F), or pure corn starch (S) (1,592 kJ ingested with 400 ml of water, 60 min before the beginning of exercise) in six healthy young male subjects. Plasma glucose and insulin concentrations significantly increased in response to G and S feeding. The high plasma insulin values resulted in a significant transient reduction in plasma glucose concentration in the first hour of exercise and blunted the response of plasma free fatty acid and glycerol concentrations, when compared to the values observed with F ingestion, which did not modify plasma glucose or insulin concentrations. Over the 2 h exercise period, the percentages of exogenous G (67 ± 9%) and S (73 ± 8%) oxidized were not significantly different but were significantly higher than the percentage of exogenous F oxidized (54 + 6%). These results confirm that 1) exogenous F is less readily available for oxidation than G or S and 2) pure corn starch does not offer any advantage over glucose as a pre-exercise meal

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