Development of a submaximal treadmill jogging test for fit college-aged individuals

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GEORGE, J. D., P. R. VEHRS, P. E. ALLSEN, G. W. FELLINGHAM, and A. G. FISHER. Development of a submaximal treadmill jogging test for fit college-aged individuals. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 25, No. 5, pp. 643–647, 1993. The purpose of this study was to develop a single-stage submaximal treadmill jogging test for the estimation of maximal oxygen uptake (JOURNAL/mespex/04.02/00005768-199305000-00017/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-07-20T222343Z/r/image-pngO2max). VO2max was measured in 129 relatively fit individuals (males = 84, females = 45), 18–29 yr, using a maximal treadmill protocol (mean ± SD; JOURNAL/mespex/04.02/00005768-199305000-00017/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-07-20T222343Z/r/image-pngO2max = 48.3 ± 6.2 ml·kg-1·min-1, range = 35.6 to 62.3 ml·kg-1·min-1). The treadmill test required subjects to sustain a comfortable, submaximal jogging pace (4.3–7.5 mph; level grade) until a steady-state heart rate was achieved (approximately 3 min). To help ensure that a submaximal level of exertion was realized for the treadmill jogging test, treadmill speed and exercise HR criteria were established that restricted treadmill speed to ≤7.5 mph for males and ≤6.5 mph for females and steady-state exercise HR to ≤180 bpm. Multiple regression analysis (N = 66) to estimate JOURNAL/mespex/04.02/00005768-199305000-00017/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-07-20T222343Z/r/image-pngO2max from the treadmill jogging test yielded the following validation (V) model (radj = 0.84, SEE = 3.2 ml·kg-1·min-1): JOURNAL/mespex/04.02/00005768-199305000-00017/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-07-20T222343Z/r/image-pngO2max = 54.07 + 7.062* GENDER (0 = female; 1 = male) - 0.1938* WEIGHT (kg) + 4.47* SPEED (miles·h-1) - 0.1453* HEART RATE (bpm). Cross-validation (CV) of the tread-mill jogging test comparing observed and estimated JOURNAL/mespex/04.02/00005768-199305000-00017/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-07-20T222343Z/r/image-pngO2max (N = 63) resulted in radj = 0.88, SEE = 3.1 ml·kg-1·min-1. The results indicate that this submaximal single-stage treadmill jogging test based on multiple linear regression provides a valid and convenient method for estimating JOURNAL/mespex/04.02/00005768-199305000-00017/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-07-20T222343Z/r/image-pngO2max.

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