The effect of exercise intensity on lipid peroxidation

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This study characterizes exercise-induced lipid peroxidation during graded aerobic exercise in seven healthy men and women (36.4 ± 3 yr). Levels of ethane and pentane in expired breath during cardiopulmonary exercise stress testing were measured at rest, lactic acidosis threshold (LAT), maximal exercise (˙VO2max), and recovery. Serum malonaldehyde (MDA) levels were measured at rest before exercise and 5 min after maximal exercise. Expired ethane and pentane flux levels were increased above resting levels at LAT, continued to rise at ˙VO2max, then declined during recovery. Serum MDA levels were not significantly different before and after maximal exercise. Substantial exercise-induced lipid peroxidation (by expired ethane and pentane) apparently occurred in healthy individuals at LAT and continued to increase at ˙VO2max, yet rapidly attenuated during post-exercise recovery. These findings indicate that in healthy individuals physical exercise induced lipid peroxidation transiently and that there was a removal of lipid peroxidation byproducts during recovery.

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