Effects of resistance exercise and creatine supplementation on myasthenia gravis: a case study

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The patient was a 26-yr-old man who was taking prednisone and azathioprine for his condition. The patient self-administered 5 g of Cr per day in addition to resistance exercise 3 times per week. Fasting blood samples were obtained and body weight (BW) and fat free mass (FFM; via hydrostatic weighing) were measured before and after training and Cr supplementation. In addition, isokinetic (Cybex II) peak strength for leg extension (LE), leg flexion (LF), and volume load (repetition × mass lifted) for the first and last resistance training session were determined.


After Cr supplementation and training, the results demonstrated increases in BW (6.8%), FFM (4.3%), upper body volume load (37.0%), lower body volume load (15.0%), and peak strength for LE (37.0%) and LF (12.5%). Moreover, blood chemistry values remained within normal limits for the duration of the 15-wk study.


These data suggest that resistance exercise plus Cr supplementation may promote gains in strength and FFM in patients with MG.

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