Validation of the Adult OMNI Scale of Perceived Exertion for Walking/Running Exercise

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Purpose:Concurrent and construct validity of the OMNI-Walk/Run Scale of Perceived Exertion was examined using young adult women and men (18–36 yr).Methods:Concurrent validity was established by correlating OMNI-Walk/Run Scale ratings of perceived exertion (RPE-OMNI) with oxygen uptake (V̇O2), relative maximal oxygen uptake (%V̇O2max), ventilation (V̇E), respiratory rate (RR), respiratory exchange ratio (RER), and heart rate (HR) to a graded exercise test on a treadmill. Construct validity was established by correlating RPE-OMNI with RPE from the Borg (6–20) Scale (RPE-BORG). Measurements were made every min throughout the test.Results:The range of exercise responses across the incremental walking/running test for the female and male groups were: V̇O2 = 0.99–3.9 L.min−1, HR = 98–190 beats.min−1 and RPE-OMNI = 1.3–9.4. Correlation/regression analyses indicated that RPE-OMNI distributed as a positive linear function for all criterion measures; r = 0.67 to 0.88 (P < 0.05). RPE-OMNI was positively and linearly related to the RPE-BORG; r = 0.96 (P < 0.01) for both the female and male groups.Conclusion:Concurrent and construct evidence supports use of the OMNI-Walk/Run Scale by adult women and men to estimate RPE during graded exercise test on a treadmill.

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