The Effects of Dementia and Long-Term Care Services on the Deterioration of Care-needs Levels of the Elderly in Japan

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To investigate the associations between dementia, the use of long-term care (LTC) services, and the deterioration of care-needs levels of elderly persons in Japan.

Using a retrospective cohort study, we analyzed 50,268 insurance beneficiaries aged 65 years and older who had utilized LTC services between 2010 and 2011 in Kyoto prefecture, Japan. Logistic regression analyses were used to identify predictors of care-needs level deterioration.

Dementia, facility care services, the male sex, older age, and lower baseline care-needs levels were associated with care-needs level deterioration. The disparity between odds ratios of home care services, dementia diagnoses, and facility care services on care-needs level deterioration diminished with increasing baseline care-needs levels. The other risk factors of care-needs level deterioration showed stronger associations as care-needs levels and age increased.

The effects of baseline care-needs levels and dementia should be considered when developing LTC policies.

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