Tumor necrosis factor alpha-238G/A polymorphism and risk of breast cancer: An update by meta-analysis

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Background:The association between the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene (TNF-a) -238G/A polymorphism and the breast cancer has been analyzed in several studies, but the results have been inconclusive. We then performed a meta-analysis to get a precise estimation of the association.Methods:Eight case–control studies with a total of 37,257 cases and 39,564 controls were identified by searching the ISI Web of Knowledge database and the PubMed database up to August 2014.Results:Overall, no association was found between TNF-alpha-238G/A polymorphism and breast cancer in any of genetic model (additive model OR = 1.06, 95%CI: 0.94–1.21, Pheterogeneity = .02; homozygous model OR = 1.04, 95%CI: 0.83–1.30, Pheterogeneity = .98; dominant model OR = 1.06, 95%CI: 0.92–1.21, Pheterogeneity = .01; recessive model OR = 1.04, 95%CI: 0.83–1.30, Pheterogeneity = .98). Furthermore, no significant association was identified when stratified by ethnicity (Caucasian, Asian).Conclusion:This meta-analysis indicated that the TNF-alpha-238G/A polymorphism is not associated with breast cancer risk in the overall population.

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