Kimura disease of buccal region in a pediatric patient with nephrotic syndrome: A case report

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Rationale:Kimura disease is a rare benign, chronic inflammatory disorder that typically presents with slowly enlarging, nontender, subcutaneous swellings in the head and neck region. The occurrence of Kimura disease in the oral cavity is extremely rare.Patient concerns:A 16-year-old boy presented with a complaint of a right painless buccal mass of 3 years’ duration.Diagnosis:The patient had been diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome and treated with corticosteroid at the age of 5 years.Outcomes:We report an extremely rare case of Kimura disease of the buccal region in a 16-year-old boy with nephrotic syndrome.Lesson:We controlled Kimura disease and nephrotic syndrome in this patient by using a combination of surgical resection of the buccal mass and systemic steroid therapy.

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