Space-time acupuncture for intractable cough after lupus nephropathy: A case report and literature review

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Rationale:Some intractable chronic cough remains a common complaint for seeking medical care. Unexplained cough in lupus nephropathy patient is rare and therapeutic options are limited.Patient concerns:A 57 year-old woman with a 7-year history of lupus nephropathy. She has suffered from chronic cough for 3 years accompanied with chronic low back pain and fatigue, as the conventional therapy cannot relieve the symptoms.Diagnoses:The woman is diagnosed as intractable cough after lupus nephropathy.Interventions:9 times space-time acupuncture (STA) treatment was performed.Outcomes:The cough, as well as other uncomfortable symptoms like chronic low-back pain and fatigue have resolved, and no relapse for one year follow-up.Lessons:STA may be an effective therapy to treat intractable chronic cough.

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