FIBTEM as a predictor of intra- and postoperative blood loss in revision total hip arthroplasty: A prospective observational study

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Revision total hip arthroplasty (THA) may cause intra- and postoperative massive bleeding. This prospective observational study evaluated if the maximum clot firmness of FIBTEM (MCFFIB) could act as a predictor of perioperative massive bleeding in revision THA.Fifty-eight adult patients undergoing revision THA were included. Pre- and postoperative MCFFIB, hematological and hemostatic laboratory data, as well as the amount of intra- and postoperative blood loss (IBL and PBL) were obtained.The change rate (MCFFIB-C) between the pre- and postoperative MCFFIB had a significant correlation with IBL (ρ = 0.431, P = .001). Moreover, PBL had a significant correlation with MCFFIB-C (ρ = 0.292, P = .026). The MCFFIB-C cut-off value of ≥ 29% showed the highest sensitivity and specificity for predicting IBL ≥ 1000 mL or PBL ≥500 mL. The incidence of red blood cell transfusion in the postoperative period was higher in patients showing MCFFIB-C ≥ 29% (34% vs 8%, P = .015).The change rate between pre- and postoperative MCFFIB values was correlated well with the amount of IBL or PBL. Moreover, particular change rate of MCFFIB could predict massive bleeding in revision THA.

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