Seromucinous hamartoma of inferior turbinate: A case report

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Rationale:Seromucinous hamartoma is a rare benign glandular proliferation of the sinonasal tract and nasopharynx, and the majority of lesions occur on the posterior nasal septum.Patient concerns:The patient had complaints of rhinorrhea, sneezing, and itching for a number of years, and recurrent right nasal bleeding for which the patient underwent endoscopic removal of a right inferior turbinate tumor. The biopsy result was low-grade, non-intestinal type adenocarcinoma, and the patient was referred to our hospital.Diagnosis and Interventions:An endoscopic medial maxillectomy of the right nasal cavity was performed. The histopathological analysis of the nasal mass revealed a seromucinous (glandular) hamartoma.Outcomes:The postoperative course was unremarkable. The patient has been followed up regularly for 1 year with no additional treatment and no recurrence.Lessons:Seromucinous hamartoma of the nasal cavity is extremely rare, especially in anterior portion of nasal cavity. It is important to distinguish seromucinous hamartoma from adenocarcinoma and to maintain regular long-term follow-up.

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