Urethral defect due to periurethral abscess treated with a tunica vaginalis flap: A case report

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Rationale:Periurethral abscess is a life-threatening disease, and the occurrence of a urethral defect with periurethral abscess is a rare finding. In this case, the patient had a lengthy urethral defect from the bulbous urethra to the membranous urethra accompanied by periurethral abscess that developed within a short time. Herein, we report a case of a pedicle-sparing tunica vaginalis flap utilized in urethral reconstruction which degenerated due to fibrotic changes and soft tissue defects in the urethral bed.Patient concerns:The patient was a 36-year-old man with fever and lower urinary tract symptoms who had been treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for urinary tract infections 3 days before admission. Purulent necrosis was formed by the urethral abscess, and a long-length urethral defect was formed in the bulbous urethra.Diagnosis:Based on the initial computed tomography and laboratory findings, empirical antibiotics were administered to treat a lower urinary tract infection. On the 7th day of hospitalization, ultrasonography was performed due to the sudden swelling of the scrotum, and the patient was diagnosed with a periurethral abscess that was 10 × 3 cm in size.Intervention:Initial urinary diversion, wide debridement, and a large amount of abscess drainage were performed. Necrosis of the urethral ventral part caused a urethral defect that was 5 cm in size. After treatment with antibiotics, long-term disinfection and intermittent debridement were conducted and urethral reconstruction was performed using a tunica vaginalis flap with preserved vascular structure.Outcomes:No complications occurred until 6 months after urethral reconstruction.Lessons:Urethral reconstruction using a tunica vaginalis flap is a good method for selected patients. Pedicle-sparing tunica vaginalis is an advantageous material for resolving urethral defects, especially when the surrounding circulation conditions are poor.

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