Elastic fixation of mallet finger fractures using two K-wires: A case report of a new fixation technique

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Rationale:Mallet finger fracture is a common sports-related injury that may lead to the tearing of extensor tendon and protrusion of a bony fragment located at the base of the distal phalanx. We affirmed that the elastic fixation of with two K-wires technique is a good method to deal with Mallet Finger fractures that fractures could gain effective fixation than the conventional treatment method and avoid surgical incision complicationPatient concerns:We reported a 33-year-old female patient came to our hospital complaining of mild pain, swelling and her right little finger was deformed because of sport's injury.Diagnosis:Acute mallet finger fracture type IV B according to Doyle classification of mallet injuries.Interventions:We performed an emergency operation for the elastic fixation of the mallet finger fractures with two K-wires.Outcomes:After the surgery, the patient showed functional recovery. No evidence of recurrence was noted 6 months after the operation, and the patient showed no symptoms of sports-related injuries.Lessons:We discuss the clinical diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of the patient and suggest that elastic fixation with two K-wires is a good method to treat mallet finger fractures.

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