Association between gene variants and the recurrence of atrial fibrillation: An updated meta-analysis

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Background:Studies showed the controversial results about the effect of common genetic polymorphisms on the atrial fibrillation (AF) recurrence. We performed the systematic review and meta-analysis to qualify the association between common genetic polymorphisms and AF recurrence.Methods:Articles were systematically retrieved PubMed, Web of Science, EMBASE, Wanfang, and CNKI database and 9 studies including 3204 patients were enrolled in our meta-analysis.Results:Results showed that the associations were significant under rs2200733 3 genetic models (TT vs CC: odds ratio [OR] [confidence interval [CI]] = 1.336 [1.061–1.683], P = .014; CT vs CC: OR [CI] = 0.759 [0.614–0.937], P = .01; TT vs CT + CC: OR [CI] = 2.308 [1.440–3.700], P = .001). The association was significant under rs10033464 genetic model (TT vs GG: OR [CI] = 1.517 [1.165–1.976], P = .002).Conclusions:Rs13376333 on chromosome 1q21 (in KCNN3), rs7193343 and rs2106261 on chromosome 16q22 (in ZFHX3) were not associated with AF recurrence in our meta-analysis. In total, our meta-analysis found that rs2200733 and rs10033464 on chromosome 4q25 (near PITX2) were associated with the risk of AF recurrence.

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