A novel gene STYK1/NOK is upregulated in estrogen receptor-alpha negative estrogen receptor-beta positive breast cancer cells following estrogen treatment

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The human STYK1/NOK protein is approximately 30–35% similar to mouse fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 and a kinase homologue in D. melanogaster in the tyrosine protein kinase region. STYK1/NOK was identified as being up regulated in MDA-MB-231, an estrogen receptor-alpha negative breast cancer cell line, following 12 h of estrogen treatment at 1 × 10−9 M. On further investigation of STYK1/NOK in estrogen treated cell line MDA-MB-231, STYK1/NOK was up regulated at 6 h post treatment when compared to untreated cells. We also investigated the expression levels of STYK1/NOK in other breast cancer cell lines MCF-7, MDA-MB-231, BT-549, and MDA-MB-435S using QRT-PCR. In addition, the analysis of message accumulation was increased with other synthetic estrogen response modifiers. We propose that the regulation of STYK1/NOK is achieved independent of ERα and suggests further investigation to the relevance of this kinase in breast cancer progression.

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