Production of proteinase and phospholipase byParacoccidioides brasiliensis

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We have investigated the production of proteinase and phospholipase by 20 different isolates of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis. Isolates were grown in Bacto-peptone, Dextrose, pH 5.5, agar slants, at 27 °C for 30 days, and cultures were transferred onto Petri dishes containing basis medium and bovine serum albumin fraction V and sterile egg yolk as substrates for enzyme production, and incubated at 27 °C. After 30 days net enzyme activity was visualized and quantitavely evaluated, measuring a ratio between colony diameter and diameter of the transparent (proteinase) or white (phospholipase) ring zone surrounding it. Results demonstrated that all isolates had the ability to produce proteinase and phospholipase, even though variability in enzyme production was noted among different isolates of P. brasiliensis.

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