Staff Nurses' Career Development Relationships And Self-Reports of Professionalism, Job Satisfaction, And Intent to Stay

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the range of career development relationships (CDRs) experienced by staff nurses in relation to the outcomes of professionalism, job satisfaction, and intent to stay. A sample of 390 Army staff nurses completed questionnaires measuring five CDRs — precepting, peer-strategizing, coaching, sponsoring, and mentoring—and the outcome variables. Findings indicated that 61% of the sample experienced a CDR, with the predominant CDR being coaching. No CDR affected professionalism; however, job satisfaction and intent to stay may warrant further investigation in relation to CDRs. The findings suggest that if nurses perceived that an interest was taken in their career development, and felt valued by the developer, then usually staff nurses viewed the relationship as professionally important. This perception of importance often influenced intent to stay in a positive direction.

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