Immunoscintigraphy of ovarian carcinoma using a monoclonal antibody (111In-NCRC48) defining a polymorphic epithelial mucin (PEM) epitope

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SummaryAn anti-polymorphic epithelial mucin (PEM) monoclonal antibody NCRC48 (lgG3) has been tested for its capacity to localize in tumours according to accepted guidelines for human administration. Following radiolabelling with 111In, 1 mg antibody was administered to 19 patients with a clinical suspicion of ovarian malignancy. Initial imaging and biodistribution studies confirm the safety of this conjugate although six out of 11 patients tested developed an antibody response to the monoclonal antibody. Immunoscintigraphy with this antibody was compared with magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound in relation to the final tumour histology, the final accuracies being 79, 79 and 64% respectively. Positive localization of antibody was confirmed in malignant tissue with little evidence of uptake in benign tissue.

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