Photocoagulation of endometriosis by the argon laser through the laparoscope

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Photocoagulation of peritoneal implants of endometriosis was performed in five women during laparoscopy to evaluate infertility. A 600-μm flexible quartz fiber was passed into the abdomen through a suprapubic incision using an instrument with a steerable operating tip. Thirty-one implants of the uterosacral ligaments, ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, and sigmoid were photocoagulated without complication or perforation. Because of the selective absorption of the argon laser by the hemoglobin of the endometriosis implants and the ease of photocoagulating implants at laparoscopy, this technique may eventually be an important therapeutic modality for the treatment of endometriosis.(Obstet Gynecol 62:383, 1983)

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