Late Postpartum Eclampsia Revisited

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To describe the clinical and neurologic findings in patients with late postpartum eclampsia (convulsions beginning more than 48 hours, but less than 4 weeks, after delivery).


This study evaluated all patients with the diagnosis of late postpartum eclampsia managed at our institution between August 1977 and July 1992.


There were 54 cases of late postpartum eclampsia among a total of 334 cases of eclampsia during the study period. Late postpartum eclampsia constituted 56% of total postpartum eclampsia and 16% of all cases of eclampsia. Convulsions began from postpartum days 3-23 (mean 6). Thirty women (56%) had been identified as preeclamptic before their convulsions. A history of either severe headache or visual disturbances before convulsion was elicited in 83% of the patients. During the study period, eight women not included in the study group had late postpartum seizures attributed to other causes.


Severe headache or visual disturbance frequently antedates late postpartum eclampsia. Only eight of 62 patients with late postpartum seizures had identifiable etiologies other than eclampsia.(Obstet Gynecol 1994;83:502-5)

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