The Relation between Corneal and Total Astigmatism

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Using computer-assisted videokeratoscopy we measured corneal astigmatism and compared these results over a range of corneal zone diameters with total ocular astigmatism derived by subjective refraction. Videokeratoscopes permit a more detailed analysis of the power distribution within a given corneal surface area, enabling comparison to the total astigmatism for equivalent aperture sizes. Although there were significant individual variations, the group average data supports the traditional view of a linear relation between corneal and total astigmatism. This was true across the range of apertures tested from 2 to 7 mm, with the coordinates of the relation being consistent with that of the modified Javal's rule; namely a slope of 1 and an intercept of approximately 0.50 D against-the-rule residual astigmatism.

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