Cytomegalovirus and child day care: risk factors for maternal infection

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To determine the rates and factors affecting cytomegalovirus transmission from children infected in day care to their seronegative mothers, we prospectively monitored 96 seronegative mothers. Of 46 seronegative mothers without infected children, 2 seroconverted. Among 50 mothers with infected children, 19 seroconverted and of these 19, 9 shed cytomegalovirus and all 9 shed the same isolate as their child. The annual seroconversion rate for these women was 30%, significantly higher than the 3% rate for mothers without infected children (P < 0.001; relative risk, 10.2; 95% confidence interval, 2.4, 43.8). Maternal infection was not Cytomegalovirus child day care

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