Evaluation of Fibrin Glue in Rat Sciatic Nerve Repairs

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Using the rat sciatic nerve model, we evaluated the merits of homologous fibrin glue in the repair of peripheral nerve transections as compared to standard epineural suture repairs.

A total of four study groups were used, with 10 animals assigned to each group. In group I, the transected sciatic nerve was repaired with six interrupted 10–0 nylon sutures; in group II, only two interrupted sutures were used; in group III, a two-suture repair was reinforced with fibrin glue; and in group IV, only fibrin glue was used. All animals were sacrificed at 8 weeks, and histologie sections evaluated.

When fibrin alone was used, dehiscence occurred in 80 percent of the animals, and as reinforcement of a two-suture repair, it only increased the inflammatory reaction.

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