Browplasty and Browpexy: An Adjunct to Blepharoplasty

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Surgical approaches to the eyelids and eyebrows have been refined by application of their anatomy and appreciation of their pathophysiology. Sexual variations in eyebrow appearance can be attributed in part to the eyebrow fat pad. In females, the eyebrow is generally arched and above the level of the supraorbital rim. The male eyebrow is flatter and at the level of the supraorbital rim. The eyebrow fat pad is more prominent in the male, producing a fuller appearance in the lateral brow area. Many women are concerned about the flatter, full lateral brow, which assumes a masculine quality. The authors describe a surgical technique that permits identification of the brow fat pad and then the ability to debulk the eyebrow (browplasty). In addition, the brow can be elevated by internal plication suture to physically elevate the eyebrow (browpexy). This procedure is designed to utilize an eyelid crease incision, and it reduces the indications for more involved procedures to eliminate brow ptosis, such as midforehead or coronal approaches.

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