Modified Skin Incisions for Mastectomy: The Need for Plastic Surgical Input in Preoperative Planning

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Skin-sparing mastectomy by definition describes the procedure of mastectomy, either simple or modified radical, with a minimum amount of skin excision. The surgical skin excision must: (1) include the nipple-areola complex, (2) include the biopsy site, and (3) allow for access to the axilla for possible dissection. In 27 mastectomies, the senior author has had direct input in the preoperative skin planning. All patients underwent immediate breast reconstruction. In large-breasted women, the mastectomy was performed to a Wise-type pattern. In small-breasted women, the mastectomy involved minimal skin excision followed by reconstruction. Non-continuous incisions were frequently used in small-breasted women, thereby minimizing breast scarring. When appropriately applied, skin-sparing mastectomy can greatly improve the final aesthetic result of the breast.

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