The Gluteal Perforator-based Flap for Repair of Sacral Pressure Sores

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A gluteal perforator-based flap employing the gluteus maximus muscle perforators located around the sacrum is described. A cadaveric study disclosed the existence of several significant perforators all around the gluteal region. Among these, the parasacral perforators originating from the internal pudendal artery and lateral sacral artery have proven useful for the repair of sacral pressure sores. A total of eight decubitus in seven patients were treated with gluteal perforator-based flaps. There were no postoperative complications, such as flap necrosis and wound infection, with the exception of fistula formation in one case. This flap requires no transection or sacrifice of the gluteus maximus muscle, and elevation time for the flap is short. However, the perforators are located at various sites and thus require some careful dissection.

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