Orbital Reconstruction with Individually Copy-Milled Ceramic Implants

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Diagnostic advances such as computed tomography and new surgical techniques have dramatically improved both the functional and aesthetic outcome of orbital reconstructions. Taking a further approach, we designed ceramic implants (Bioverit) on the basis of stereolithographic models. After copy milling a resin template with a commercially available dental unit (Celay), the prefabricated implants were inserted for reconstruction of the lamina papyracea (n = 1), zygomatic complex (n = 2), infraorbital floor (n = 5), and rim (n = 3). Intraoperatively, only slight modifications of the implants had to be performed. The results were encouraging, as all cases showed a good aesthetic and functional postoperative outcome. Preoperative evaluation of the osseous defect and prefabrication of the required implant reduced operating time and patient morbidity significantly.

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