Presurgical Columellar Elongation and Primary Retrograde Nasal Reconstruction in One-Stage Bilateral Cleft Lip and Nose Repair

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We present a new combined approach to primary bilateral cleft lip, nose, and alveolus repair using presurgical nasoalveolar molding combined with a one-stage lip, nose, and alveolus repair. Presurgical alveolar molding is used to bring the protruding premaxilla back into proper alignment with the lateral segments in the maxillary arch. Presurgical nasal molding produces tissue expansion of the short columella and nasal lining. A coordinated surgical approach involves a one-stage repair of the lip, nose, and alveolus. The nasal repair uses a retrograde approach in which the prolabial flap and columella are reflected over the nasal dorsum by continuing the dissection behind the prolabium up the membranous septum and over the septal angle. Tissues are dissected out from between the tip cartilages, and the domes are sutured together in the midline. This method joins a new class of bilateral cleft repairs that place the primary emphasis on correction of the deformity of the nasal tip cartilages.

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