Fingertip Reconstructions Using Partial-Toe Transfers

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Fifty-six partial toes were transferred to reconstruct fingertip deficits. The transfers from the big toe mainly consisted of 3 trimmed big toetips, 3 vascularized nail grafts, 3 onychocutaneous flaps, 19 thin osteo-onychocutaneous flaps, and 2 hemipulp flaps. The transfers from the second toe mainly consisted of 8 trimmed second toetips, 5 reduced second toes, and 9 whole distal phalanges.The average values of postoperative sensory recovery of the osteo-onychocutaneous flaps including the vascularized nail grafts were 3.1 (Semmes-Weinstein test) and 6.3 mm (moving two-point discrimination) at 2.6 years after the transfer; those of the thin osteo-onychocutaneous flaps were 3.1 and 7.2 mm at 2.0 years after surgery; those of the trimmed big toe tip transfers were 3.61 and 6.5 mm at 1.8 years after surgery; and those of the trimmed second toetip transfers were 3.37 and 6.3 mm at 2.6 years after transfer. Those of the distal phalanx of the second toe were 3.41 and 7.9 mm at 1.2 years after surgery, and those of the reduced second toe were 3.2 and 6.7 mm at 10.6 months after surgery. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 105: 1666, 2000.)

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