The Deviated Nose: Optimizing Results Using a Simplified Classification and Algorithmic Approach

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The deviated nose presents a particular challenge to the rhinoplasty surgeon because, frequently, both a functional problem (airway obstruction) and an aesthetic problem must be addressed. An approach to the deviated nose is presented that relies on accurate preoperative planning and precise intraoperative execution of corrective measures to return the nasal dorsum to midline, restore dorsal aesthetic lines, and maintain airway patency. The principles of correction include wide exposure through the open approach, release of all deforming forces to the septum, straightening of the septum while maintaining an adequate dorsal and caudal strut, restoring long-term support, reducing the hypertrophied turbinates, and performing controlled stable percutaneous osteotomies. An operative algorithm is described that emphasizes simplicity and reproducibility, and case studies demonstrate the results that can be achieved with this approach.

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