Hand Rejuvenation with Structural Fat Grafting

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A simple, reliable technique of autologous fat grafting for long-lasting rejuvenation of the dorsum of the hand is presented. With this technique, small intact parcels of fatty tissue are harvested with a syringe and a blunt 3-mm cannula. Then, most of the nonviable components are removed from the harvested subcutaneous material by centrifugation, decanting, and wicking. Finally, a 17gauge blunt cannula places the fat in minuscule parcels of tissue with many passes through five or six tiny incisions in the hand. Separation of the tiny parcels of fat maximizes contact between the surfaces of the transplanted fat and surrounding recipient tissues to encourage integration, anchoring, and long-term survival. Structured, purposeful placement of a thin layer of transplanted fat rejuvenates the dorsal hand by restoring a slight fullness to atrophic subcutaneous tissue, by softening the color and definition of exposed extensor tendons and dorsal hand veins, and by supporting the aging skin. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 110: 1731, 2002.)

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