Subfascial Breast Implant: A New Procedure

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Breast augmentation techniques using the submuscular and subglandular planes to introduce the implant are well known and widely used procedures. The authors have been using the subfascial dissection plane, a new concept for breast augmentation. From October of 1998 to September of 2001, 263 patients underwent breast augmentation. In all cases, the implants were inserted into the subfascial plane. McGhan 410 anatomic biodimensional, cohesive gel implants (size, 155 to 310 g) were used. There are additional benefits using this technique; these include avoiding implant deformation or distortion (as seen in the retromuscular position), leaving additional soft tissue between the implant and the skin, and minimizing implant edge prominence (inherent to retroglandular placement). These technical details lead to fewer patient complaints. Morbidity is similar to that of other techniques. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 111: 904, 2003.)

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