Prospective Analysis of the Outcome of Subpectoral Breast Augmentation: Sensory Changes, Muscle Function, and Body Image

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This study is a prospective analysis of the outcome of subpectoral breast augmentation. Forty-seven patients undergoing breast augmentation were studied. They were assessed for pectoralis muscle function, breast sensation, and body image before and after subpectoral breast augmentation with saline implants. The patients were evaluated as follows: Pectoralis function was determined by measuring maximal voluntary isometric force. Sensation was evaluated by two means: vibration and pressure. The patient’s body image was assessed using the Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire. Results indicated a significant change in breast sensation at 3 months postoperatively but not at 6 months. Pectoralis muscle function did not significantly change during the study period. Body image was significantly improved at both postoperative measuring periods. The authors conclude that breast augmentation results in improved body image with negligible effect on muscle or nerve function.

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