Stensen Duct Rupture (Sialocele) and Other Complications of the Aptos Thread Technique

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The Aptos thread technique is a mode of uplifting the flabby soft tissue of the aging face. Permanent suture material made of polypropylene monofilament with dents is used in this technique. This procedure is gaining popularity throughout the world. According to the literature, several hundred Aptos procedures have been performed, and no major complications have been reported yet.


Two adult women presented shortly after the Aptos thread insertion. They sustained devastating results. A close study was performed to understand and learn the potential complications.


The authors present two major complications, a rare case of Stensen's duct laceration and a case of chronic inflammation mandating surgical treatment.


Describing complications may teach plastic surgeons more about this method and how to avoid similar devastating side effects in the future.

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